The video of Piqué walking in a tiny swimsuit causes a furor in networks: “He has the ‘piquetón’ tight”

April is being a very special month for Shakira y Pique. The Colombian singer has already started a new stage with her two children, Milan y Sasha, in Miami. The former Barça player, for his part, He has celebrated his girlfriend’s 24th birthday, Clara Chiaen Abu Dabi.

They chose the capital of the United Arab Emirates to avoid public exposure and go a little unnoticed. But social networks go much faster than they would like and a video of both of them enjoying the pool of the exclusive hotel where they stayed is already viral.

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The most commented detail of the images is the tiny swimsuit in blue tones that the Catalan wears which, as can be seen, has to be repositioned while walking. “Clearly, he is wearing the bathing suit of one of the children”, “He no longer knows how to dress younger, Clara is already affecting him”, “Making a fool of himself” or “He has a tight picketer”, are some of the messages that are read in networks.

@noemiavi27 #piqueyclarachia #dubai???????? #clearly #salpiqué #videoviralparatiktok ? I congratulate you – Shakira & Rauw Alejandro

It should be remembered that the term ‘piquetón’ was born in 2011, when a magazine thus baptized the ‘joy’ of the president of the Kings League when he met Shakira again at El Prat airport in Barcelona after a few weeks without seeing each other. Since then, the jokes about the size of Piqué’s privacy have followed one another.

Piqué lands in Miami

Among other things, Gerard is already in Miami to spend the days that he has by agreement with his two children. With dark glasses and a serious gesture, he landed early this Thursday at the airport in the city of Florida. Although there were cameras waiting for him at the terminal exit, he avoided making statements about the plans he has these days with the little ones.

Piqué will stay in a hotel near the children’s school and will take the opportunity to look for an apartment where he can settle in future stays, since his intention is to have a fixed residence to be able to give his children more stability.