Alejandra de Rojas has ignored calls and questions about Don Juan Carlos for “seven months”: “He never answered”

This Thursday a bombshell has been published that once again puts Don Juan Carlos in the spotlight, who returned to Abu Dhabi on Tuesday after his tour of Spain, and to the Spanish crown. The journalists José María Olmo and David Fernández assure that the emeritus had another daughter after the Infanta Elena, the Infanta Cristina and Felipe VI, named Alejandra.

count, in The confidential, that all members of Zarzuela know of its existence, including the current monarch. They delve into this information in the book King Corp. The untold empire of Juan Carlos I, which is published on May 8. They add that Doña Sofía’s husband “tried to compensate for the lack of official recognition with affection and other signs of generosity,” such as covering her economic needs through “transfers.”

Now, the journalist Ernesto Ekaizer (El Periódico de Catalunya) writes on Twitter: “For seven months I have tried to speak with Alejandra de Rojas, the daughter that King Juan Carlos I had with Charo Palacios, the Countess of Montarco. I explained to her that my information was that: that is to say that she was the daughter of Juan Carlos I and that the king had helped her. But she never answered.”

Don Juan Carlos’s circle of friends would also have known for a long time about the existence of this woman, as well as “the pinnacle of power” and “the elites”, who, according to Olmo and Fernández, “signed a pact of silence to continue the fiction that the marriage of Juan Carlos I and Queen Sofía, on which Spanish democracy revolved, continued to be idyllic”.

Alejandra de Rojas, as we already explained in a report dated 2017, was born 43 years ago in the bosom of a marriage formed by Charo Palacioswho was Elio Bernhayer’s favorite model and muse, and Eduardo de Rojas Ordonezthe fifth Count of Montarco, founder of the Falange together with José Antonio Primo de Rivera.

She has been married since December 1, 2018 to the musician and aristocrat Beltran Cavero. They got married in the Quinta de Mirabel cigarral, in Toledo. In November 2019, their first child together, a boy, came into the world. So far the only one. Cavero also belongs to the aristocratic bosom, he is the son of the Duke of Bailén and Piedy Aguirre, sister of the former president of the Community of Madrid. Beltrán had a loving relationship with Laura Bridgethe ex-wife of Luis Beltrán Gómez Acebo Borbón, son of the Infanta Pilar, sister of King Juan Carlos. Both were related in 2013.