The unsophisticated menu of the British Royal Family for Christmas: “They are boring when it comes to festivities”

The British Royal Family abandons part of its luxuries for these Christmas dates. Despite it being the first Christmas after the coronation of Charles III y Camila, the Windsors settle for these holidays with a single main dish. However, the guest list is around 40 attendees.

In his extensive list of attendees (if we compare it with the Spanish Royal Family who will dine in petit committee), the monarch has included all the members of his family. However, the biggest absentees are expected to be the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. The most optimistic already celebrated a possible rapprochement when, last November, Harry congratulated Charles III on his 75th birthday. However, a few days ago, Lady Di's youngest son and his wife, Meghanwere caught while enjoying a few days of relaxation in Costa Rica with their two children.

Absences aside. For one of the most important days of the year, the British Royal Family abandons the luxuries of blue blood and dine on a simple turkey with garnish. “Actually (members of the royal family) are boring when it comes to festivities. They didn't make hams or anything, just traditional turkeys,” revealed a former chef, who worked for 15 years under the monarch.

Thus, the chef has assured that they cooked three turkeys for the queen and her family. Likewise, he has pointed out that they did not forget the employees. “We did three turkeys for the queen and her family in the royal dining room. Served with roast mashed potatoes, chestnuts or sage and onion stuffing, cranberry sauce and bread sauce.”