The trial against Daniel Sancho is delayed three months after the appearance of new evidence: end of 2023

With the police investigation closed to 95%, as declared last Tuesday at a press conference, it was expected that the trial against daniel sancho for the crime and dismemberment of the Colombian surgeon Edwin Arrieta would take place next September. However, the appearance of new evidence in the last hours has forced the police to take a new statement from the confessed murderer and the prosecutor warns: “The trial is going to be delayed.”

Khun Panikorn has explained in Public mirror that the prosecution “wants to see every page and every piece of the police report” and that “The judge wants more information, which is good for Daniel Sancho. You need to question him again in depth, the judge wants to study everything. If there is nothing strange or contradictions or changes in his statement and after seeing this evidence handled by the police, they will ask for the death penalty, but the judge wants to know if he really was the murderer and wants to check in depth and check it more.”

Thus, it is still early to venture to date the trial on a specific day or week, but everything indicates that it will last until the end of the year: “It depends on all the evidence and how Daniel Sancho’s lawyer and defense move. They can’t say anything until they see all the evidence, but they confirm that the trial will be before the end of the year. If they don’t agree with what the judge says, they can request an appeal of the death sentence.”