The tremendous anger of the Infanta Cristina to her son Pablo Urdangarin for marking a ‘Froilán 2.0’

No grace does the infanta christina that his son Pablo Urdangarinwho always gives an image of education and poise, these days has become the talk of the world of Heart for starring a kind of love triangle with two girlswithout them knowing.

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Was alexia rivas the one that uncovered the alleged deception of the grandson of the emeritus king after a few images of the young man walking with a blonde through Barcelona: “Pablo Urdangarin has been having an intimate friendship with a person from my closest circle for several months. When the news comes out that he is in love, this person from my circle asks him. Pablo laughs and says ‘Please, it seems incredible that You don’t know me. This is not true.’ He didn’t tell my friend that he was seeing other girls. And it’s okay to, but he should have told her.”

the king’s nephew Philip VI He is one of Barcelona’s golden bachelors. Handsome, intelligent and athletic, he is the prince charming of the millennials, who sigh for one look from him. And he, of course, has allowed himself to be loved, like any single 22-year-old boy.

But for his mother it is being a real nightmare, since he can’t stand seeing his son being the ‘Froilán 2.0’ of scandals. They already have enough in our Royal Family with the Marichalar brothers. “She has felt very bad because her son was not expected to lie and be part of a scandal or to have several parallel relationships,” reveals Rivas in it’s already noon.

The journalist explained that the sister of Dona Elena, as the princess likes to be called by the press, has let her son know her discomfort and disappointment with his attitude because, according to Rivas, this could bring back painful memories that are related to their marital separation. “Alba Carrillo already said it ‘the branch goes to the kill'”, says Alexia.