The great Laura Valenzuela He passed away last Friday March 17 at the age of 92. The television pioneer left the world of communication, culture and entertainment devastated, as well as her family and friends. Days after the sad loss of her, Lara Dibildos has reappeared on social networks to thank the expressions of affection and support received in these difficult moments for her and her loved ones.

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“With these photos, my children and I want to thank you for so many messages and expressions of affection that we have received, in addition to the beautiful tributes that all the media have paid to our mother and grandmother,” the presenter wrote this Tuesday, along with various images of his mother with her children when they were little. Franthe fruit of her marriage to Francisco Murciais already 24 years old, while Alvarothe son he has with scarceis still a teenager of 16. He has also completed the publication of a photo of his childhood with his mother.

The words of Lara, who already shared a series of images this weekend to honor her, are full of tenderness: “Thank you from the bottom of my heart and sorry if we have not answered everyone but they have been very difficult days and many messages and calls. Now, we have to resume our lives and she will surely help us. We love you now and always.”

The comment wall has been filled with messages of support. “All my affection and love for you, Lara. May your mother rest in peace. A huge kiss, friend,” she wrote to him. Marisa Jara, which is also going through a difficult stage. messages have been added Nacho Guerreros, Elsa Duck, Susana Uribarri, Anne Igartiburu, makoke, Potty Castillo o Marisa Martin Blazquez: “You have done it perfectly, Lara, and she has left full of love and takes care of you and protects you from heaven”, the journalist sent her.

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This weekend, during the funeral, Dibildos found comfort in his ex, Álvaro Muñoz Escassi, with whom he has an excellent relationship after their breakup in 2007. The hug between the two said it all.

At the funeral of Laura Valenzuela was also present Anna Barrachina, the rider’s daughter from a previous relationship. The 28-year-old is a very special person for Lara. The actress saw her grow up and she has also given her a roof in her house in Madrid when she has needed it. He was also at her funeral. Maria Jose Suarez, Escassi’s girlfriend. Lara’s children, however, stayed in the United States, where they study.