The track that sparked the rumor of a possible flirtation between Rosalía and Álex González: “So pretty that it threatens”

After the unexpected breakup between Rosalía y Raw Alejandro, there are those who already associate the Catalan woman with a new love. It is nothing less than Alex Gonzalezthe actor of Princewho was also the media focus for ending her relationship with Maria Pedraza last April.

The rumors surfaced on social networks a few days ago, following a comment by the actor in a publication by the interpreter of Badly, in which she appears posing from a bicycle. The actor wrote on the comments wall: “So pretty that it threatens”referring to the song I think of you look.

Despite the rumors, it must be remembered that González has recently been photographed in an affectionate attitude with Camila Rojido, doctor in aesthetic medicine. They spent an afternoon at the movies in Madrid, as shown Hola. Camila could be her new dream after her breakup with Maria Pedraza.

Rosalía, for her part, coincided at Paris Fashion Week with Rauw Alejandro, but no one knew if they spent at least some time together. The Puerto Rican went to the city of love to give it his all on a date on his ‘Saturno World Tour’, while the Catalan landed for her date with Parisian fashion.