The new life of Isabel Sartorius: she leaves the house in Chamberí that she rented when she was with César Alierta

After five years of discreet relationship, Isabel Sartorius y Cesar Alierta, former president of Telefónica, have definitively broken up. The one who was girlfriend of Philip of Bourbon and who was the great promoter of one of the most important companies in Europe took a break from their relationship in 2021, when they had already been together for three years. Then we announced that they had finished. The pandemic took its toll on them by having to live apart, but they tried to rebuild at least their friendship again, although it was not easy for them when normality arrived.

Isabel (58) had left her job some time before for Telefónica Foundation, and also, when she began her relationship with the businessman, she left her house on Miguel Ángel Street in Madrid to settle in a much better apartment in the same Chamberí neighborhood, where she lived a voluntary withdrawal from social life, enjoying a peaceful romance. and discreet.

His daughter Mencia, born from her relationship with Javier Soto, who changed his last name to Fitz-James upon inheriting the fortune and surname of one of his uncles, related to the House of Alba, she had also begun to fly alone and no longer lived with her mother.

Alierta, who turned 78 in May, widowed and without children, had found company and affection in Isabel, but his nephews, to whom he is very close, were not enthusiastic about a relationship that could go further and distance them from their uncle. in a family and economic sense. The estrangement was friendly, but they never cut off communication and Alierta continued to be a protective friend for Isabel, a cultured, worldly and beautiful woman, although he has never found lasting love.

The ailments of the businessman, In poor health due to the consequences of having had the coronavirus, they were brought closer again, especially when, in turn, Isabel had to undergo hip surgery. Alierta took care of everything she might need. But it has not been enough to resume the relationship, which is definitively broken at this moment.

Isabel has changed her elegant house in Chamberí for a smaller apartment and is living a quiet and solitary moment. As always, she has the support of Nora from Liechtenstein, his father’s second wife, Vicente Sartorius Marquis of Mariño, now deceased. He also does not lack the affection of his brother Louis Sartorius, hospitality businessman, and Teresa, his stepsister, daughter of his father’s marriage to Princess Nora.