The Thai police, who will close the investigation of the ‘Daniel Sancho case’ in ten days, affirms: “We do not justify what he did, but we understand it”

At the Koh Phangan police station they are working at full speed to close the investigation into the crime of Edwin Arrieta as soon as possible. And although Spanish experts say that much evidence is lacking to determine what led to daniel sancho to commit such an outrage and how he carried it out, the Thai police are clear: “We do not justify it. We condemn what he has done and he will pay for it. But after speaking with him, we understand why he did it.”

This is stated by one of the agents who questioned Daniel Sancho the first night of his arrest. According to Telecinco, this policeman would have established a good relationship with the Spanish chef from day one and he revealed details that have not seen the light. For the moment, because the investigation is almost ready: “It is 99% closed. It only remains to order all the evidence and documentation to deliver it to the Prosecutor’s Office. It will probably be on September 11 when we send it”the agents have told Telecinco reporters.

These, in addition, have wanted to defend themselves against the accusations for an alleged favorable treatment of Daniel Sancho in the Koh Samui prison: “It is not true, all prisoners are treated equally and their families too. Daniel’s mother is a good woman and waits her turn like the rest of the family. When she comes in, she’s only with her son for 15 minutes.” They also clarify that Daniel was questioned by five police officers and in the presence of a translator, so they deny those alleged transcription problems that some Spanish experts have pointed out.

Habla Big Joke

The head of the investigation has also granted new statements. Big Joke has announced that the search for Edwin Arrieta’s remains is canceled (the trunk is missing, key in the autopsy to determine the reasons for his death) and also for his phone, despite the fact that it could contain the motive for the crime: the Edwin’s alleged threats to Daniel. “We have half the body and all the evidence, we are not going to keep looking.”

And he has sent a message to Daniel Sancho: “I advise you to confess if you do not want to die. The investigation is practically closed.”