The TAD describes Rubiales’ kiss to Hermoso as a “serious” offense

The CSD cannot thus suspend the president of the RFEF, for this reason it urges the Administrative Court of Sport to do so


The Administrative Court of Sport (TAD) has described this Friday as a “serious” offense the kiss given without consent to the player Jenni Hermoso by Luis Rubiales, president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) and who is under suspension only at the request of FIFA, and not of the Higher Sports Council (CSD).

Thus, the TAD has opened a file on Rubiales with this “serious” offense; but not with a “very serious” lack of level, as requested by the CSD. As RTVE and various media have confirmed, this means that the maximum period of disqualification would now be two years and that the CSD could not suspend him from his functions on his behalf.

Despite this, the CSD has already urged the TAD “to provisionally suspend Rubiales, after this body, independent of the CSD in its actions, has initiated this Friday the sanction procedure against the president for the alleged commission of two serious infractions ” . This has been specified by the CSD in a press release.

Not surprisingly, FIFA’s provisional sanction on the RFEF president was imposed on August 26 for a period of at least 90 days, under investigation by its Disciplinary Committee after Rubiales’ behavior in the final of the recent Women’s World Cup. .

Additionally, the CSD has indicated that it “studies the possibility of appealing in contentious-administrative proceedings” the decision that the TAD has communicated to it. “Thus, the procedure initiated by the Government of Spain in response to the unacceptable behavior of Rubiales during the final continues,” the press text added.

Article 62.2.c of the Sports Law emphasizes that, among the powers of action of the CSD, is “suspending reasonedly, in a precautionary manner, the presidency or other members of the governing bodies, when proceedings are filed against these people disciplinary action as a consequence of presumed infractions classified as very serious”.

In the absence of this assumption and the TAD having initiated its disciplinary proceedings for the alleged commission of two serious offences, the CSD has urged it to provisionally suspend Rubiales. “The administrative procedure law and the sports discipline regulation allow the TAD to adopt this measure,” the press release stressed.