The surrogate motherhood of Ana Obregón jumps to the foreign press: from Italy to the United States

The debate about the morality of surrogacy and the age of legal parents has returned with force to Congress and the media since Ana Obregon, 68, left a Miami clinic with her newborn in her arms on Wednesday. The news has turned our country upside down and has even jumped abroad, where the actress occupies all the covers: from England to Italy, passing through Portugal.

In the first, the person in charge of delivering the news is The Telegraph, where they refer to Ana Obregón as a “socialite linked to David Beckham”, recalling the ring that Lequio’s ex and Victoria’s husband had when he signed for Real Madrid and they shared a gym. They also remember that the practice of surrogacy is prohibited in Spain, which is why Ana Obregón has been forced to travel to the United States to fulfill her dream.

In Italiavarious media have picked up the news, such as Vanity Fair o I Donate. Both echo the debate that has been generated by the election of Ana Obregón and point out that the Spanish government has been categorically against the practice popularly known as ‘rental womb’.

In France, The Parisian grants its cover to the Obregón theme: “The Spanish government and public opinion harshly criticize the 68-year-old actress, who had a girl in the United States thanks to surrogacy, a practice prohibited in Spain,” reads its lead.

In Portugalthe weekly Faces picks up the news and remembers that Obregón, 68, lost his son Aless, a victim of cancer, only three years ago.

On the other side of the pond, they position themselves in favor of surrogacy and applaud Ana Obregón’s decision: from the Argentinian The nation al TVyNovelas Mexico o Telemundo.

In USAfocus on the political debate that the news has generated: “The Spanish government criticizes a television celebrity for alleged surrogacy in Miami. Spanish government ministers criticized a 68-year-old television actress on Wednesday who, according to a celebrity magazine , had adopted a child born through surrogate pregnancy in the United States,” writes The Star.