The surprising confession of Felipe VI: “The queen and I are a little bored”

In Zarzuela there is empty nest syndrome. The march of the Infanta Sofia to boarding school in Wales to attend the international baccalaureate, added to the admission of the Princess Eleanor at the Zaragoza Military Academy has left his parents confused. This is what he himself confesses Philip VI: “The queen and I are very lonely. Now we are a little bored.”

It was in one of the groups that formed in the Supreme Court after the opening ceremony of the Judicial Year. According to Confidential Monarchy, the monarch was close and very sincere regarding this new family stage. He assured that Sofía has adapted perfectly to the new Welsh routine: “She is an advantaged student because her sister has paved the way for her there”he revealed.

It seems that Leonor hasn’t had it so easy: “The first year is hard. It has happened to all of us”, said. “More than one of Leonor’s colleagues has abandoned the process, after taking part in the training carried out at the San Gregorio maneuvering field.” Despite everything, she stated: “She is very happy.”

The kings have not maintained contact with Leonor during these first weeks in La General. Academy rules. However, last weekend, The princess enjoyed her first leave and returned to Zarzuela to celebrate her mother’s birthday. They will meet again on October 31, as the king confirmed that the Oath of the Constitution by Leonor on the day of her 18th birthday is maintained despite the political situation: “There is no reason why it cannot be carried out Leonor’s oath or promise on October 31. Whether or not the Government is formed, she will swear before the Cortes,” he said.