The suit that Alejandra Rubio has asked to inherit from María Teresa Campos: Cristina Pedroche also has it

There are belongings that go beyond economic value. The sentimental is above everything and if they don’t tell it to Alejandra Rubiowho has an important request for his mother and aunt: to inherit a suit from his grandmother, Maria Teresa Camposwhich is very special for the young woman.

Terelu’s daughter spoke about it this weekend in Fiesta: “All I want is the yellow plaid suit he wore to come here.” The young woman also clarified the reason why she wants to inherit this suit. She assured that her grandmother thought of her to show it off on television: “he was inspired by me.”

The model is from the French firm George Rech and had a value of 480 euros. Coincidentally he also wore it Cristina Pedroche in November 2020 at a photocall. This two-piece is also very similar to Cher Horowitz’s in the movie out of touch.

The legendary Malaga communicator did not leave a written will because she was a very superstitious person, as the magazine revealed. Week. He alone left a property in Malaga as an inheritance, since he sold the rest of his properties in recent years to settle his expenses and debts. However, the legacy that he leaves to his daughters and the world of communication is immense.

María Teresa died on September 5 at the age of 82 after a year marked by the cognitive deterioration she suffered. Alejandra Rubio continues working at Telecinco (Fiesta y This is life); Carmen Borrego will coincide with her on set, since she has already debuted as a collaborator of Sandra Barneda; y Terelu Camposfor his part, has signed for TVE. Gustavo The Driverwho was like a son to the matriarch of the Campos clan, has caused quite a stir after entering the house of GH VIP 8.