Mariona Caldentey: “Alexia and Irene are the ones who have suffered the most and have had the most stress”


The midfielder of the Spanish team Mariona Caldentey stressed this Monday that Alexia Putellas and Irene Paredes, captains of the team along with Aitana Bonmatí and her, were the two who “have suffered the most and had the most stress” during the week’s meetings. last to unblock the situation for the world champion, and also asked that what happened “not be repeated” so that they can be in the Olympic Games “in the conditions” that they believe they deserve.

“Our captaincy has emerged punctually and spontaneously. We are here to help the team, to help Alexia and Irene, but I think that they experienced the wear and tear especially the days before with all the meetings they had. We finished them all together and they They stayed and then they had to explain things to us, I think that we have not been as involved in that as the two of them, who are the ones who have suffered the most and have had the most stress. Now we are here to help them with whatever they need, but what what the two of them have done these days is to be praised and appreciated,” Mariona Caldentey explained at a press conference.

The Balearic Islander hopes that after this break “things will continue to move forward” and continue “improving and fighting for and for the same thing.” “What happened in this concentration is not repeated. They have been very hard days and a lot of stress. We want to win this Tuesday, win again in October and be in the Olympic Games, but do it in the conditions that we believe we deserve” , he pointed out.

“The RFEF, the CSD and the players have committed to making these changes to be able to continue moving forward. We hope that everything is fulfilled, that we can have a calmer path and that we can continue enjoying football,” added the FC Barcelona footballer.

The international described it as “incredible to see” the support they have received from “people here in Spain and also from abroad.” “That teams like Sweden supported us with the banner shows that this is a global fight, I think all the soccer players feel it a little bit ours,” she said.

For this reason, they made it clear that although their mission is to “play football”, they know that they have “a speaker and a responsibility, which is to leave football and women in a better place” than where they found them when they arrived. “In that fight, almost unintentionally, we found ourselves, but what we want and what we are good at is playing football,” Caldentey warned.

The midfielder acknowledged that “the issue of the burden of travel and matches” is something that they have been “suffering and enjoying at the same time.” “As for stress, it is personal to each person. What helps us to distract ourselves and be better in our heads is being able to train, play, that’s why I think the worst moments were at the beginning, because we couldn’t even go out on the field to clear our heads. “, he stated, also focusing on the support in the locker room. “The group is strong, we feel comfortable with each other and that makes coexistence easier,” she stressed.

“Since we arrived in Córdoba, there are many people who are watching us almost at all hours. We are a little impacted by all of this, we are extremely grateful for the support that their love gives us, they enjoy being with us. The message is clear: come tomorrow, Tuesday, to encourage each other, that we will try to return that affection by making it a good night of football and winning. I hope we can all have a good time,” she said as a message to the fans who will attend the Nuevo Arcángel of Córdoba.