The Spanish woman who won the Best Actress award in Cannes: Karla Sofía Gascón, from MasterChef to glory

Karla Sofia Gascón (Madrid, March 31, 1972) has spent part of her career in Mexico, and is the first transsexual actress to win the Best Actress award at the Cannes Festival. The Madrid native has made history for her role in Emilia Perez, film by French director Jacques Audiard. The Spanish woman, excited, received the award together with her project colleagues. Selena Gómez, Adriana Paz and Zoe Saldaña.

“There is a bittersweet point in this victory. We move forward, but with pedals. I am tired of egos, of fears, of so many people who try to demean my work to fill their emptiness. You are wrong if you think that this weakens me, on the contrary, it makes me stronger, you are the fuel to reach my next step. I have decided not to get into controversies with anyone, I have been fighting on the front lines for too long, now I am only going to let my work speak… for now there you have this Palme d’Or at one price. woman, to an actress who gives her whole soul in every job,” she wrote on her Instagram account shortly after receiving the award.

Karla confessed at the time that she discovered she was a woman when she was four years old, but she was not able to begin her transition until 2018, when she was already 46. “I have gone through many moments in my life in which I wanted to be me, but who knows?” in which country they could help you,” he said.

To all the trans people who are suffering every day from hatred and denigration as they denigrate us. This is for you, thank you very much. Tomorrow, surely, this news that you see here will be full of comments from terrible people saying the same old things to all of us. I just want to send a message of hope to all of them. As with Emilia Pérez, we all have the opportunity to change for the better, to be better people. So let’s see if you change, motherfuckers.“Gascón said in his speech.

It premieres in Spain on August 28

His film has also won the prize from the jury, chaired by the Spanish Juan Antonio Bayona. Karla Sofía plays the leader of a cartel who asks a lawyer to help her begin her transition into a woman. It will be released in our country on August 28.

Karla Sofia Gascón He had worked in Mexico and Spain but this has been his most important role. He had roles in such well-known series as The super or The last is tomorrow before you have carried out your physical transition. In Mexico he has worked in Wild Heart, Rebelde and even competed in the Aztec edition of MasterChef Celebrity.

Karla counted on her family once she took the step of going to the doctor to start the transition process. Her greatest supporters were his teenage daughter and his wife, Marisa Gutiérrez, whom he met at a nightclub when he was 19 years old.