The Spanish Paralympic cycling team adds three medals on the last day of the World Cup in Maniago


The Spanish Paralympic cycling team has won three more medals, one gold, one silver and one bronze, on the last day of the World Cup in Maniago (Italy), an event in which the Spanish have won a total of six prizes

In the class 1 online test, Ricardo Ten managed to overcome his great rivals to achieve a meritorious victory that confirms that the world champion continues to make a difference. In the C3 class, with Jaco Van Gass getting the gold, Eduardo Santas got the bronze medal.

In addition, the Spanish handbiker trio, made up of Sergio Garrote, Luis Miguel García-Marquina and Martin Berchesi, took silver in a tough battle with Germany, while France won the gold medal.

In the tandem competition, Christian Venge and Noel Martín were able to get even for the bad taste in their mouths that Friday’s fall in the time trial left them and finished sixth, with Joan Sansó and Fran García Rus nineteenth. The next appointment of the Paralympic Cycling World Cup will take place from May 4 to 7 in the Belgian town of Ostend.