Juan Carlos I drags behind him a security operation of more than ten escorts on his visit to Spain

The security operation around Don Juan Carlos during his visit to Spain is in question. Zarzuela escorts deployed in Sanxenxo have criticized the lack of means to protect the emeritus and expressed discrepancies with the hours on duty and with the routes that they have been forced to follow.

Zarzuela has remained firm in his intention not to give official character to this visit that continues in Vitoria for health reasons, as we published.

Casa Real maintains its silence with the excuse that the trip of the father of Felipe VI is strictly private. Zarzuela considers that the presence of the emeritus in Spain during the campaign of the regional and municipal elections in May could affect the elections and that is why the previous head of state has been asked to have a low media profile, which is being fulfilled up to now, especially if we compare this trip with the previous visit of Don Juan Carlos to Galicia a year ago, when his trip turned into a festival of declarations and polemics.

Discomfort of escorts due to long guards

Zarzuela has made at least ten escorts available to the Emeritus on his trip to take care of his safety. The agents have stayed in various hotels near Pedro Campos’s house, for obvious reasons. From the environment of the guards deployed in Sanxenxo, the discomfort of some of them due to the amount of work that this visit has caused them has leaked, due to the many hours of guard duty necessary to guarantee the safety of Her Majesty on the different routes of Don Juan Carlos in the area and now in Vitoria. “Yesterday we finished at seven in the evening, but today it looks like we won’t finish until midnight, and that can’t be,” one of them says to Confidential Monarchy.

Until now, and yet to see how the visit to Vitoria to see his dentist and his orthopedic surgeon unfolds, Don Juan Carlos has been receptive to Zarzuela’s instructions and has avoided the fanfare and public exhibitions of yesteryear. His arrival at the Sanxenxo Yacht Club has hardly had an impact, basically because the former king has not even stopped to speak to journalists. Different analysts agree that the normalization of the visits of the Emeritus will lower the soufflé and his visits will stop being news.