The Spanish Tennis Federation (RFET) received with great discomfort the decision of the International (ITF) to cancel the Davis Cup and Federation Cup Finals of 2020, which were rescheduled for November and April 2021, respectively.

Sources of the RFET conveyed to AS the discomfort of the entity chaired by Miguel Díaz, which was not consulted when making these decisions, despite the fact that Spain, the current champion, has nine votes in the assemblies, like Germany, for example. In addition, the Davis Cup Finals were to be held again at the Caja Mágica in Madrid, regardless of the fact that the men's and women's teams had a guaranteed place in both phases. Nor does the national tennis government body understand that the ITF does not oppose the holding of other tournaments, such as the Mutua Madrid Open, which will be held, in principle, in September, and in any case considers the decision to cancel to be hasty.

“For the Federation it would be super important that the Davis Cup finals be held, being in Spain and defending the title,” Diaz said in an AS online chat in late May. The fact is, your budget is highly dependent on events like that. For the 2019 title, the RFET pocketed 1,060,000 euros. An institutional statement is expected in the next few hours.

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