Arthur will play next season at Juventus. An open secret has been officially confirmed. The Brazilian midfielder will enroll in the Piedmontese club in exchange for 72 million plus ten in variables, an operation resulting from the financial engineering of both clubs, which will serve to balance accounts and, in return, Pjanic will make the opposite trip and get the elastic of Barcelona. Sarri, always little given to talk about the market, has welcomed Arthur in his own way.

“There is little to comment on Arthur and Pjanic,” said the Juventus coach minutes before the transfer of the former became official. “We are talking about two boys who for two months will still have to play on their respective teams. It is good that they focus on what they have to do now, instead of what they have to do on their respective new teams,” affirmed the Neapolitan coach, who showed some reluctance to have to talk about the issue in the preview of the match with Genoa.

Juventus Shield / Flag

“In these months I have to play important games if I have to spend nervous energy in the waste market. The market does not please me. It is true that public opinion is passionate about the market, also because there is too much talk about it, since I think that if we talked for ten years about corner kicks, we would talk about corner kicks in bars. Let's leave the ratings for now. Some members of our team will study this player in depth to take full advantage of his functions, for now let's enjoy Pjanic to the end, “said Sarri.

The coach already came out on the brink a few days ago, when Setién spoke of the value he gave to the possibility of Pjanic ending up on his team, something that did not sit well with Sarri.“Arthur is a Barcelona player and I find it ugly that I started talking about him. I didn't like it when Setién talked about Pjanic …”, said the Juventus coach.


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