The Spanish defense of Daniel Sancho, emphatic: “The evidence is contaminated and the pieces do not fit”

The press conference offered this Tuesday by the Thai police on the crime of Edwin Arrieta at the hands of Daniel Sancho has put on the table the worst scenario for the Spanish chef: premeditated murder and capital punishment. A blow to the family and the defense of the Balfagón-Chipirrás law firm, which a few hours before already anticipated the fatal outcome: “Daniel’s future is very screwed up”said Carmen.

The worst expectations have been met and the defense hired by Rodolfo Sancho and Silvia Bronchalo have their hands tied. With the investigation closed at 95%, there is little to do from Spain: “There are numerous pieces that do not fit and a large amount of contaminated evidence in the framework of the investigation that in our country would not have any validity”they say.

Chipirrás, for his part, added: “Here in Spain, a crime scene would have been preserved a little more, there would have been an option to request a second technical eye inspection or a third technical eye inspection… But we are in criminal law Thai and you have to know that it works differently there”.

The defense, in addition, has seen this Tuesday how another of the key points was settled: “Daniel acted alone,” the police said. The theory of his lawyers is that he was accompanied, due to the time it took to dismember the body, because the hours do not add up, because he bought two weapons… However, the investigation shows that in the bungalow where the crime was committed, only DNA from Daniel and Edwin have been found.

“Threats are very serious”

Now, the defense must base its entire strategy on the alleged coercion that its client suffered at the hands of Edwin and that would have led him to commit the crime: “Daniel was threatened and we are going to prove it.” The Thai police did not want to detail this point and they remain silent in response when asked about the death threats that they would have found on the Spanish mobile phone by the Colombian surgeon. They insist: “The crime was passionate. Daniel wanted to leave the relationship and Edwin refused.”

Chipirrás advanced this Monday: “Both Rodolfo and Silvia as well as Rodolfo’s current partner are afraid because in these threats… We have had access to them, we have not seen them but they have told us and they are very serious things, so it is normal that be afraid”. And he added: “Daniel and his family have been threatened. We are considering taking action.”