The false nude of Laura Escanes sweeps the internet and she explodes: “My blood boils”

New upset for the influencer in the 2.0 universe. This Tuesday, Laura Scanes He has woken up with unpleasant news: some nude photographs that were spreading like wildfire on social networks. These are images that show Risto Mejide’s ex completely naked and that have been edited and created by Artificial Intelligence: “My blood boil”she has said.

The businesswoman does not believe what happened and has made it known with a message on Twitter: “I have received a link where there are nude photos of me edited and created by AI. Apart from feeling totally used and exposed, there is something that let my blood boil. A woman’s body is not used. Neither for pleasure, nor to abuse nor to manipulate”. And adds: “The person who created them disgusts me, but also those who are there and find it funny and keep quiet.”

Scans has received a multitude of comments from followers and users. Many encourage her to report what happened and others have used Amaral’s toplessness to downplay the matter, a comment to which she has responded emphatically: “There is one thing that is consent or her own decision. And she does it because it is her decision and their body and because there is nothing wrong with it. That they do it with mine, deciding for me, without consent, is not the same. If I want to undress, I decide when to do it, not some madmen”.