The Spanish criminologist hired by Rodolfo Sancho is blunt: “We are convinced that Daniel did not act alone”

Is called Carmen Balfagon and this Friday she has gone from being an expert giving her opinion on the Daniel Sancho case on television programs to becoming the new lawyer and spokesperson for the family in Spain. She, a renowned criminologist, insists that the story of Edwin Arrieta’s confessed murderer “is too simple” and emphatically states: “We are convinced that there is something more.”

Balfagón has maintained the same discourse since the news hit the media: “It is very difficult for a single person to dismember another in three hours.” And he added: “We are talking about a person who has been protected, who has not had any problems or violent history, and would need someone who is supporting his actions. It is absurd that he takes a part to the sea and does not take the rest. If he rents a kayak and dumps the whole body, it would never have been discovered. It seems there’s an arrangement with someone else, loosely organized, for him to dispose of a body part in the dump in a bag. And that person leaves the ticket purchase there of the material with which he supposedly killed him”.

In addition, he has placed special emphasis on the inconsistencies in the statement of Sancho who, according to the police, has been on medication since the interrogation began: “We want to know what kind of medication they are giving you and who has prescribed it”says the lawyer.

Ramon ChippirrásBalfagón’s partner and also a spokesperson for the family since this Friday, said: “We have access to some information that suggests that Sancho could not do it alone, a thesis that is even supported by the Thai rescue team that found the parts of the Edwin’s body in the dump and in the sea”.

Let’s remember that it was last Saturday when Daniel Sancho confessed to the alleged crime of Edwin Arrieta. According to his statement to the Thai police, he killed him with one blow and then dismembered him to divide the body between a dump and the sea, stating that he had done it to save his own life and that of his family: “He had threatened me, he was desperate”. He entered pretrial detention last Monday and remains isolated in a hospital cell until the next 17th due to anti-covid protocol.