Rodolfo Sancho and Silvia Bronchalo hire a criminal law firm in Madrid to defend their son

After the arrest and admission of daniel sancho (29) for the alleged murder and dismemberment of the Colombian surgeon Edwin Arrieta (44) In Thailand, father and mother are united in grief. Rodolfo Sancho (48) y Silvia Bronchalo (48) have issued a joint statement this Friday to announce the decision they have made after Daniel was provisionally admitted to Koh Samui prison on Monday, August 7.

Rodolfo and Silvia, who met at the age of 18 when they were both studying at an acting school, became Daniel’s parents a year later, and separated when the boy was still young. Since 2005, the protagonist of The Ministry of Time o Isabel He is married to the also actress Toasted Xeniawith whom he has his young daughter, Jimenawhich nation in 2015.

Sancho Gracia’s son and his ex have maintained a relationship over the years for Daniel and, at this time when their son could be sentenced to death or life imprisonment, they are supporting each other. Both headed for Thailand.

The two have acquired the services of a prestigious law firm based in Madrid: “Rodolfo Sancho and Silvia Bronchalo, parents of Daniel Sancho Bronchalo, announce that they have hired the Balfagón-Chippirrás Criminological-Legal Firm to handle the collaboration with the lawyer from Thailand, hired by the family, and act as spokespersons before the media”. In Thailand, the lawyer in charge of the case is Khun Anan.

From now on, it will be his lawyers who speak publicly about the news of his son’s case. “You are making a movie of all this without knowing anything,” said the mother on Monday, the day her son entered provisional prison after confessing to the murder. Rodolfo, for his part, has spoken through various statements. On the morning of this Friday he has responded to a message from Public mirror: “I am firm and calm, thank you for your understanding”.