The shocking message from Santina Biondo, former mother-in-law of Raquel Sánchez Silva: “Tell us how you learned the technique of erotic asphyxiation”

The mother of Mario Biondo he ‘attacks’ again, although this time he does it in a much more careful way. Let’s remember that a lawsuit has already been won for his accusations and insults to Raquel Sanchez Silva through social networks and this time he sends a message with an anonymous recipient. Of course, white and bottled, it can only be milk.

“Come on, tell us about your experience in London in 2008, that in addition to improving your English you learned the technique of erotic suffocation,” Santina wrote on Twitter this Wednesday. “Everything will come out!”

The family of the Italian cameraman, who lost his life in May 2013, continues to fight to prove that Mario was murdered and that his death was neither a suicide nor an accident that occurred during a sexual practice, as indicated by the various police reports. After several appeals, last August the Italian justice finally admitted that Biondo’s death could have been due to a murder and that the scene of the alleged crime had been manipulated to make it look like a suicide. The family requested the reopening of the case in Spain and announced that they were already collecting all the necessary reports and evidence for this.

Santina then spoke to this portal and was outraged by the attitude of the widow, Raquel Sánchez Silva, who turned the page after Mario’s burial and did not want to accompany the Italian family in this search for the truth: “Stop telling lies and Speak. Speak! You should be looking for my son’s murderers,” he then snapped. “What a shame! She doesn’t speak because she wants to keep Mario’s honor, but what honor? She clouded it by having articles published that my son was a cocaine addict and that he had died playing an erotic game. She should be looking for my son’s murderers instead of shutting up. Stop lying and talk, talk, talk. He always told the Italian judges ‘I don’t remember’. Just that”.

Then he also explained to us that the Italian prosecutor’s office had ruled out erotic play among the hypotheses, revealing: “The Palermo prosecutor’s office had the testimony of a person close to Raquel who stated that the widow learned this extreme practice in 2008 when she traveled to England to improve his English”, some words that fit with the tweet he launched this Wednesday.

ten years after his death

The presenter’s husband died in May 2013. The Italian cameraman was found dead and hanging from a shelf in the house where he lived with his wife, the presenter Raquel Sánchez Silva, on Magdalena street in Madrid. The case was dismissed in Spain. The coroner’s report was accepted, which ruled out evidence of criminality, but the Palermo Prosecutor’s Office reopened it and gave a different version: it concluded that there was sufficient evidence to assess premeditated homicide as the real cause of death. The procedure was about to be archived also in Italy but the Biondo family filed an appeal before the High Court of Appeals of Palermo in October 2020. Two expert reports were then attached, one carried out by the criminologist Óscar Tarruella and another by a team of Italian professionals. Both agreed on the murder hypothesis. The latest documentation presented in court reflected that Mario may have been the victim of strangulation at the hands of two people to whom he opened the door of his house.

Biondo’s parents have always maintained that their son did not commit suicide, which led the cameraman’s family to confront his daughter-in-law, Raquel Sánchez Silva, who trusted the Spanish report and rebuilt her life with the photographer Matías Dumont.

Santina told us last August what her next steps would be: “In Italy a murder case is not archived forever. If we found certain evidence about my son’s murderers, a new investigation would be opened in Italy and, consequently, the people involved could be tried in Italy. Our Italian lawyers are contacting the competent bodies, for example the Farnesina, to help us reopen the case in Spain.” It is a very complicated possibility, but they do not lose hope: “It certainly will not be easy, who could help us in Spain could be the widow, she is also an offended party, but above all a Spanish citizen, but I am sure that Sánchez Silva he will not do any of this. Another possibility would be to contact the European Court. He could give us a lot of help, even if it takes a lot of money to do this. But we will not give up, we are ready to do anything to bring justice to our loved ones. Mario”.