The ‘Setién case’ will not stop Koeman's license

Koeman should have no problem sitting on the bench Barça since the first official game despite the litigation opened by Quique

on account of the settlement of your contract. This is what experts in Sports Law with experience in situations of this type assure Mundo Deportivo.

According to these sources, obligation of pay all amounts pending a coach dismissed as a premise before processing the file of his substitute already
it is
valid. Now, the processing of the file The new technician does not require any preconditions. In the case of Barça, then, the Federation must process the license of Koeman No problem.

[+] Quique Setién published a statement yesterday announcing a complaint against FC Barcelona

If a ruling forced Barça to pay, the club would have until June 30 to pay or guarantee these amounts

And in any case, if the payment of some amount is pending, Barça would have until June 30, 2021 to satisfy it or at least guarantee its payment. Transferred to the ‘Setién case’, if the Cantabrian’s claim in court led to a ruling contrary to Barça, the club would have until June 30 to pay or guarantee payment. Only otherwise the Federation could slow down the processing of Koeman's tab, but already for the season 2021-22.

If Setién goes to the Jurisdictional Committee of the Federation, within the approximate period of one month there would be a sentence, against which Barça could present an appeal for annulment before a Madrid court. If the former coach goes to courts, the deadlines can lengthen. But in any case, Koeman should have no problem having his license processed and sitting on the bench from the first official game.