The serious episode that Isa Pantoja lived in Cantora and for which he does not forgive Raquel Bollo

The discussions of Ashraf y Manuel Cortes in survivors have done that One Pantoja y raquel bun They also face each other at each gala. Their clashes have been so strong that there has been a distance between them off set. In fact, the daughter of the tonadillera said that the ex of Chiquetete “right now she is not invited to the wedding because we do not have a good relationship”.

The tension between the two was also noted over the weekend in Fiestawhen Aurelio Manzano He said that he was aware that Manuel Cortés had always treated Isa as a “second-rate Pantoja.”

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Although Anabel’s cousin did not confirm that her “cousin” had ever made her feel that way, she did say that she had experienced an unpleasant situation with her brother, Kiko Riverain which Manuel was present and did nothing.

This Wednesday, Lectures he reveals what was that moment that hurt Isa so much and that he cannot forgive Raquel and her son. According to the magazine, it occurs in Chabelita’s adolescence, when Bollo asked her then daughter-in-law, Aguasantasto tell Kiko that her sister had met a boy to go to the movies, something she was forbidden to do.

Upon finding out, always according to Lecturesthe husband of Irene Rosales he took his sister and gave her “hose water to clean her”. A terrible moment that Raquel Bollo’s eldest son would have witnessed. The episode was also told by the nanny Dulce In the same publication: “I found it like never before. I was asking for help. The first thing he did (Kiko) was to tell the gang, proud, joking, to show off,” he said.