Telecinco humiliates Belén Esteban: great anger because Bertín interviews Jesulín (for a fortune)

War drums sound on Telecinco. It is confirmed that Jesulin de Ubrique is going to sit with Bertin Osborne in your house is mine. the husband of Maria Jose Campanario It is on sale, it no longer fills the vacancies, he has become a father again and needs to make cash: in mid-March we anticipated that he had signed for Masterchef and now he has succumbed to the charms of the chain of Berlusconi: an offer impossible to refuse. They say they pay him “a fortune.”

He has swallowed the disaffection that he has for Mediaset, from where both Ubrique and his wife have been crushed for years. Bertín has been able to convince him and he will be the first guest on a program that the media giant needs to recover the lost audience, with Antena 3 winning the game for more than a year and becoming more and more the leader. Bertín is bound to come back strong after he disappeared from the grid after losing strength in his last deliveries, where he was predictable and boring.

Bertín, who already interviewed the bullfighter in 2015, during his time on TVE, and again in 2021 for Canal Sur, has seen Jesulín as a safe bet for his great return. has morbid see Jesulín in the house of Belén Esteban. And this is precisely something that, as they assure Informalia, has the People’s Princess out of her mind. “He does not understand that the chain opens its doors to a person who has sued them on several occasions. He does not understand that just as they have vetoed people for having a Mediaset program or collaborator sued, they allow Jesulín, who has had and continues to have open judicial processes, can go to a program of the chain”, assures us a person very close to Belén.

“But what really makes Belén nervous is that the bullfighter talks about her. She will not allow it. As she says a single word about her, no one will be able to stop her,” this person points out. But it is that Belén knows perfectly well that Bertín is going to poke him into talking about her, since the producers of the program know that if Jesulín touches Belén, she will jump and it will serve to promote the program. And why does she know? Because Bertín has tempted Belén on several occasions for him to go to the program and at all times it was made clear that he would talk about his past life with that of Ubrique. She has always refused.

But it could be even worse if Jesulín talks about the daughter she has in common with Belén, from Andrea. “I would not bear that now the absent father appeared and wanted to exercise what he has not exercised and talk about that daughter that he has almost forgotten”, they point out to us. But not only that: Belén has spent years protecting her from the media and refusing to talk about her on television and in interviews in magazines, and nothing can upset Paracuellos more than now Jesulín arrives and talks about her, which would mean that journalists, Justifiably and towed by her father’s statements, they brought the young woman back to the fore.

Belén retires when Sálvame finishes, she said: and that can happen in a matter of months

As far as Informalia knows, Belén has shown her discomfort and concern to those responsible for the chain. Although it has been known now, when the interview with Bertín has been confirmed and signed, she knew it before. But by going public this Wednesday she has entered the downturn. She has him worried. She knows that if she says something that she shouldn’t, she won’t be able to control herself. That’s why this Wednesday in his program He was somewhat distant and sad and even went so far as to say: “When it’s over Save me, I’m done.” She is also very affected by the fact that these days are the anniversary of the death of her beloved Mila Ximenez. Belén, beyond the character, is a very sensitive and emotional woman, who suffers a lot for her friends and has shown it over the years.

But on the other hand, announcing the big interview of Jesulin de Ubrique and erasing from his life the woman who has greatly marked the media relevance of the bullfighter and his entire saga, would be a terrible failure for Bertín. It is difficult to spend an hour or more talking with the right-handed man from Ubrique and not ask him about her or her daughter. The man from Cádiz has his wife, he has just become a father and there will always be a lot to tell, but without Belén in the story, everyone would realize that the questions have been agreed upon and everything is made up.

Yes, as Belén said this Wednesday, she leaves the sets when she finishes Save me, and the forecasts come true, the People’s Princess could be closer than she thinks to quitting her job and dedicating herself to her sales and her gazpachos. But, at 49, the same as Jesulín, she would lose a good part of her income. In the corridors of Fuencarral there are many who comment in a low voice that the program of Jorge Javier Vazquez It has a closing date and that it is very possible that the successors of Paolo Vasile will not have it on the grid after this summer. Another thing is that the rumors are true.