The secret paper that Julián Muñoz and Pantoja signed to have an intimate, non-familial vis-a-vis

The surprising details of the contract and a new secret paper that Julián Muñoz and Pantoja signed as a sign of union before a witness from the Church have come to light. In 2006 the tonadillera signed it in a notary office in Marbella to access the vis-à-vis when Julián was in prison.

In the notary office where Isabel and Julián signed those documents, they do not confirm the facts, arguing data protection. But Pepi Valladares, former assistant to Paquirrín and Chabelita’s mother, assures that she herself, a notary and her ex were there. Valladares already told us in the past about the document that Isabel Pantoja and Julián Muñoz sealed to certify their union as a “common-law couple.” However, it has been said that this document does not exist and that what was signed was a “coexistence certificate.” Alluded to, Pepi responded in ‘TardeAR’ and reiterated her version.

It all started with the second wedding of Julián Muñoz and Mayte Zaldívar. It was said that Isabel Pantoja could challenge this union, it was speculated that they were a de facto couple but José Antonio Avilés assured in ‘This is Life’ that what the former mayor and the singer signed was only a “coexistence certificate.” He also assured that they did not go to the notary, but that Julián’s lawyer requested this document from the civil registry and they both formalized it.

In this way, he affirmed that whoever said he had accompanied Isabel to the notary was lying and Pepi Valladares has taken the allusion: “They say that I have lied, right?” However, he insists on his version: “I sign in a notary, with a notary, with Isabel, my ex and me.”

“I have not lied in the 15 or 16 years that I have been sitting on television. I have never been a protagonist,” he continued saying and assured that he has always told his “truth”: “That someone wants to deny or look bad and say that I lie… “I’m freaking out. I just have to laugh.”

According to Pepi, the document was “a notarial act” so that Julián and Isabel could maintain a vis-a-vis in prison: “That first vis-a-vis that Isabel goes to was to claim the same day that she signed wishing to have that document to access , that’s what that document consists of.” Of course, he concluded by making it clear that Isabel “has no right to anything about Julián.”

It is apparently a notarial act so that they would have a vis-à-vis. That first visit to visit that Isabel went to was to complain on the same day that she signed it wishing to have that document to access. That’s what that document consists of. Isabel has no right to anything about Julián, but if he is so innocuous, Why did Julián worry so much before getting married?

Isabel collects 206.98 cents as a widow’s pension from Francisco Rivera Paquirri

The document was signed on October 25, 2006. It was signed by Isabel Pantoja and it is a recognition of a couple or cohabitation, which is what is needed to enter into an intimate, non-family vis-à-vis. Julián has narrated it on other occasions. It is not more than that. It has no validity at all. It is only for the intimate vis-à-vis. Nothing else. Since 1987, Isabel has collected 206.98 cents as a widow’s pension from Francisco Rivera Paquirri. For only three months she has not received that amount because she did not renew it, she would not be pending. And she renewed it again, and she continues to receive that amount… she has always been Paquirri’s widow, her marital status has always been widow and as such she has always enjoyed the pension. Although it is true that Isabel and Julián considered going through the altar with the Virgin of Rocío as a witness, she even spoke with doctors at the Teknon clinic to see if she could get pregnant. But the relationship ended but first they swore eternal love before the Virgin of Rocío. Isabel has privately said that her relationship with Julián was broken before Julián’s arrest in 2006 and that she endured certain types of stories, which have been tried and convicted. Her relationship was broken before July 2006.