The secret of the Jabulani

Whole spain he took to the streets to celebrate the La Roja pass at the end of world for the first time in its hundred-year history. For the special envoys with the Selection, some of which had eaten all sorts of misfortunes since the World Cup in Mexico, in 1986, was a release. A discreet tribute to Forest for being the first coach to put the national team in the World Cup final. It was a tribute simple and secret, which did not transcend to avoid that in our country it was thought that we had already settled for what was done, when it was actually about on the contrary, to encourage us even more to beat Holland in the final.

By initiative of the special envoys of this newspaper, all sent with the Selection, more than hundred journalists, they signed a ball Jabulani that was given to Don Vicente in recognition test and as a memory for his deed. Only a small group, eight colleagues in particular, did not want to participate for different reasons. But the act was done, Del Bosque received the ball, which was delivered to him by a South African assistant assigned to the National Team, and that Jabulani today it is signed by a hundred special envoys in the house museum that Don Vicente has in the house where he was born, in Salamanca.

Del Bosque's Jabulani was not the only surprise that came with the victory against Germany. As soon as the game was over, others happened two historical facts. Minutes after the game ended, the locker room door opened and behind a wall of men in suits the queen appeared, Doña Sofía. She wore a red dress and a yellow scarf tied around her neck: “Congratulations boys. I just wanted to congratulate you and tell you that on Sunday I will be in Johannesburg to cheer you up. ” Puyol, the hero of the night, the royal visit caught him with a towel at the waist and a bag of ice on the knee by all clothing. That of Doña Sofía was not the only visit of the night in the La Roja booth. Joachim Löw entered the locker room of Spain, addressed the coach and Shaking his hand, he said: “Congratulations. Good luck in the final. You are the best in the world.” Del Bosque appreciated the words from his colleague, the first to enter the Red house during the World Cup in South Africa to congratulate the rival. Since then, friendship and mutual respect professed Del Bosque and Löw has gone further. They are two knights, and two world champions. Vicente touched glory in South Africa and Löw four years later, at Brazil World Cup.