Cruelty between neighbors –

Soccer has historical winks. Except for a big surprise, the Barca tonight will consummate the first descent to Second division of the Spanish in the last 27 years (follow the game live on No one can hide that the rivalry between that Barça that took over the story many decades ago is still latent, and Espanyol, who has been swallowed up to be reduced to what he wanted to call “wonderful minority” no matter how much he wanted to resist. But neither can it be avoided that the rivalry between neighbors has a point of sensitivity. And today, if it is consumed, it will be cruel. Perhaps it is better this way, in the privacy. And much better if, like Bartomeu yesterday, blood is not made from the terrible parrot wound. Although, it should be noted, there are those who would prefer derision to condescension. That would mean that the spark is still on.

Barça and Espanyol are separated by 49 points in the table, so sportingly the game, in principle, will have very little history. But that does not mean that Barça is meeting its objectives. 1-4 in Villarreal, the catharsis of the trident with the new drawing to fit Griezmann, and the VAR fan activated at maximum power cannot cover the sun, which is that Barça is on its way to its first blank season in many years. Failed in Super Cup and the Cup, and at the expense of a miracle in The league, you will only have the Champions, which is a devilish coin in the air. In appearance, Setien He will repeat the 4-3-1-2 experiment to see if he catches. You can also give your quota to the quarry with Riqui Puig, that has sucked the rivalry.

Espanyol, meanwhile, is closing the circle of the sainete. He refused the protocol and traditional photo of the coaches with everything that has happened these months to reject sports events; He didn't officially announce the training time, and instead of grappling with the drama, he's ridiculing himself at times. It is a good day to get pride. The neighbor is bound to be cruel.