The secret appointments of the Infanta Cristina in Barcelona with what would be her “new boyfriend”: Urdangarin is history

Gone is the pain that it caused him to find out about the infidelity of Iñaki Urdangarin with her coworker Ainhoa ​​Armentia. More than a year after those photos of the two walking hand in hand came to light, the infanta christina he would have decided to open his heart again.

At least that’s how he assures it Juan Luis Galiacho with this headline: “the infanta Cristina has a new love”. According to the journalist this Saturday in Fiestait is about a man with whom he has seen several times in Barcelona.

“They met there and the relationship is stronger every day,” says Galiacho, who also reveals that the daughter of the emeritus king has to do things prudently. “They go out with a group of her friends because they have asked her not to be seen by her because it would change the image of her now that she is in the process of divorce.”

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How do we count in this digitalit will be at the beginning of June when the former handball player and the sister of Philip VI they shall cease to be united in marriage before the law. “On June 6th they plan to divorce. On June 5th he is Irene (his youngest daughter) 18 years old. She is going to do it later because being of legal age, but dependent, she would have to go to supervise the conditions. If she were a minor, they would have to go to court, “explains Galiacho.

The place of signing the divorce

According to the director of The Digital Closure, it will be in Lausanne (Switzerland) where the reunion takes place and the signing of the documents that will separate them forever. “The divorce agreement between Cristina and Iñaki will be notarized there with the amounts that we advance. Around two million euros, which Iñaki wants on the spot, and 25 thousand euros per month.” The reason why they meet there would be none other than “by discretion”. “Geneva was where we can all think and would be the focus of the media, in Lausanne they go unnoticed”, he concludes.