The Roulette triples Igartiburu and Jordi, third option despite the changes: they do not even reach 8%

The shadow of closure hangs over the new program From the heart, the latest idea from those responsible for TVE to increase the dose of gossip on the weekend of the first channel of the Public Corporation. After only four installments with humiliating audience data, Jose Pablo Lopez This Saturday reduced the duration of the magazine presented by Jordi Gonzalez y Anne Igartiburu, just as we previewed, delaying its start at two in the afternoon and leaving it at one hour. But it hasn't worked: From the heart was again third option, surpassed by Telecinco thanks to Socialite, which lasts half an hour longer, and on Antena 3, with reruns of The roulette.

The setback is even more serious if we take into account that this Saturday La 1 benefited from the enormous pull of the Benidorm Fest. Even so, From the heart marked a very low 7.8%, without ads and with a duration of one hour, compared to 20.9% of La Ruleta and 10% of the format presented by Maria Verdoy, which marked a solid 10%, lasting much longer, with several advertising cuts and with a cost much lower than that of La 1's proposal. The audience setback is more worrying if we take into account the previous data, the arrival of the program only three years ago. weekends: the week before its premiere, the mythical Heart that Anne presented alone scored 8.6% (Saturday) y 8,4% (domingo) in its half hour duration. The good news is that this Saturday at least the fidelity and screen share have increased compared to the last two installments (with 30% longer duration). We'll see this Sunday.