Guillem Pujol finishes 24th in the 10 km in open water and is left without an Olympic place


The Spanish swimmer Guillem Pujol has finished in 24th position in the 10 kilometer open water event of the Swimming World Championships, which are being held in Doha, a result that leaves him without an Olympic place in the distance for Paris 2024.

The Catalan started far away (32nd), but rose to twenty-fifth place in the second lap, a position he could not maintain in the third, where he fell to 36th, 16 seconds behind a stretched leading group. In the second change, the one from Blanes missed the Olympic options because he neither entered by quota nor by continent (first European).

Finally, he finished twenty-fourth, 1:34 behind the winner of the event and new world champion, the Hungarian Kristof Rasovszky (1:48:21.20), who topped a podium completed by the Frenchman Marc-Antoine Olivier and the British Hector Pardoe. Pujol will also compete in the 5 kilometer test.

“I'm a little sad, but happy to have given it my all. I arrived exhausted, and I value that as giving my best, although it wasn't enough. I'm quite happy with the race, there are things to improve, but I “I have noticed swimming well, strong, and it is a shame not to have been able to achieve the goal. Now it is time to recover for the 5 kilometers,” Pujol said after the test.

Regarding the race, he explained that he crashed “on the fourth or fifth lap for the first time.” “There I had to make a pretty big effort to get involved with the group. I managed to connect, but it was the last cut and I stayed, there were the places,” she analyzed. “It was difficult for me to finish the last lap, in the last change of pace I was a little lacking,” he concluded.