The 'Roosters' lead the provisional classification in Abu Dhabi after two victories on the first day


The Spanish SailGP team leads the provisional classification of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, the seventh round of this sailing championship, thanks to its two victories on the first day, marked by little wind and of special significance for the 'Roosters', having confirmed the tourism company EOS-X Space as its new sponsor for the rest of this season.

The start of the Grand Prix was delayed due to wind conditions, of just 11-12 km/h, which forced the teams to start with a configuration of 4 and a 29 meter wing, to fly more easily. The first race of the day did not start with good news for the Spanish 'Gallos', last at the start.

Although the boat piloted by Diego Botín arrived seventh at the first buoy, it was not able to overcome. Upon passing through the second gate, the 'Roosters' were in ninth place, but would end up falling to last in the last section. Peter Burling's New Zealand, who started with skill alongside ROCKWOOL Denmark and Australia, arrived in the lead at the first buoy and did not let the race escape, quickly opening up the gap.

Finally the Australian ship was second and Canada, which had crossed the finish line behind the 'kiwis', had to be content with third position after being penalized for not facilitating the Australians' maneuver at the last buoy. Despite the initial setback, the 'Roosters' knew how to recover in time to win the next two races.

In the first of them, the Spanish team started third after a good start. They then began a chase for first place, in the hands of the United States. Passing through the second gate, Botín and his crew took a different course than the one at the head, hugging the wall of Mina Zayed. The strategy paid off and the 'Roosters' were able to pass France and close the gap with the Americans, overtaking them just before the last buoy.

In the last race of the day, the 'Roosters' once again made a good start, managing to lead the race at the first buoy. Immediately, the Spanish opened a gap with the rest of their opponents; and although New Zealand put the Spanish team in trouble, they could not prevent ours from taking the second victory of the day.

Spain leads the provisional Grand Prix standings with 21 points, ahead of New Zealand (20 points), the United States and Canada (both with 19 points). In any case, with the majority of teams tight in the table, everything will be decided in the two races this Sunday, in which the Spanish will seek the final.