Six games, two wins in the NFL Wild Card Playoffs. Will the Dolphins and the Chiefs be one team when the Super Bowl starts?

Six games, two wins in the NFL Wild Card Playoffs. Will the Dolphins and the Chiefs be one team when the Super Bowl starts?

Two of the most famous and successful coaches in NFL as well as college football history are leaving their jobs today: Bill Belichick is “parting ways” with the Patriots, and Nick Saban is quitting from Alabama.

From living forever to being in the past tense in an instant. The NFL playoffs are when America’s favorite sport takes a break, pays its thanks, and gets back together.

Then it paints its faces and fills arenas with fans again. There is life after football, but life doesn’t go on as long as football does.

Twelve of the 14 teams in the Super Bowl playoffs start Super Wild-Card Weekend. Baltimore and San Francisco, who won their conferences, are off to figure out who they’ll play first. I meant to say the Vince Lombardi Trophy, not Bill Beli. Soon, a single of the 14 teams will raise it.

In Week 9, the Kansas City Chiefs and the Miami Dolphins played each other again. This time, they meet again at Super Wild Card Weekend.

The last time these two teams played was in Germany, and Kansas City won 21–14. In the first half, the Chiefs scored 21 points and the Dolphins scored none.

Hill, Kansas City’s previous star wide receiver, only got 62 yards on eight catches, and Tua Tagovailoa’s team could only score 292 yards as a whole. At the end of the year, Miami had the best attack, getting 401.3 yards in total gain per game.

The game will take place at Arrowhead Stadium this time. Or will the Chiefs start their defense of the AFC title strongly? Will Miami have the chance to make it to the playoffs like it failed last year?

We will list three reasons why the Chiefs will beat the Dolphins and move on to the divisional round of the playoffs above them. First, here’s how to view this game.

After an unpredictable regular season, the field is wider than ever. Any contender, from the hampered giants to the brave upstarts and surprise packages, can make a case for a deep playoff run.

They will all think they have another week to live until the league’s real heavyweights, San Francisco as well as Baltimore, join the fray.

The National Football League hasn’t said anything publicly yet, but the league just lost a big player, and it’s not Bill Belichick. The New England Patriots’ terrible season ended.

Roger Goodell’s NFL is going to trial for possibly $6.1 billion less than a week after this year’s Super Bowl because they were unable to get the antitrust case over the lucrative Sunday Ticket package tossed out of court. The lawsuit has been going on for almost ten years.

The NFL asked the judge to throw out the case, but on January 11, U.S. District Court Judge Philip Gutierrez said the trial over the NFL’s non-competitive methods would start on February 22.

It will be the only game in play for the NFL, both literally and metaphorically. The hearing should last approximately six weeks. A state of play that would make the NFL less useful as a controlling and centralized body.

The NFL could lose the case, which would have a big impact on streaming. Each of the 32 teams in the league could make deals with different sites and outlets for on-the-market and out-of-market games.

Even though the NFL didn’t want it, Judge Gutierrez made the case a class action in February 2022. It was first filed in 2015 when Sunday Ticket continued to air on DirecTV.

The class action pits the league against its fans. It includes 2.4 million Sunday Ticket users in the home class and almost 50,000 bars, restaurants, and various other businesses in the commercial class.

The plaintiffs from across the country claim that they had to pay an excessive amount to the league to watch games that were not available in their area on a satellite provider’s Sunday Ticket package, despite the complexities of contract law and the NFL’s intricate business deal.

However, Fox or CBS in local areas do not readily broadcast these football games; instead, they are now shown on YouTube due to a deal that ends in 2030. As the playoffs start, the super wildcard weekend is full of exciting games.