The robbery at Miguel Bosé’s house: a loot of 3.5 million dollars and he does not report the robbery

Miguel Bose He was robbed last Friday, August 18, in the presence of his children at his own home in Mexico. As the singer himself recounts in his last statement, the scene was worthy of a horror movie: “They kept my children, the house staff and me tied up for more than two hours,” he says.

Given the various versions that have been published since the news broke, Bosé qualifies that there were ten and not eight hooded men who assaulted his house. “On Friday night, a commando of ten armed individuals broke into my home. They assaulted us, tied up my children, the house staff and me for more than two hours,” he clarifies on his social networks.

Likewise, the Mexico City Attorney General’s Office has reported that an investigation folder has been initiated after the Spanish singer told that he had suffered an assault. However, for the moment, despite the 3.5 dollars in euros that have been stolen, the artist has not filed any complaints.

“Until now, neither the victim and/or his legal representative, nor the administration of the residential complex where the events occurred, have appeared before this Prosecutor’s Office to denounce the crime,” the agency said in a statement.

In addition, the Prosecutor’s Office has detailed that agents from the Álvaro Obregón mayor’s office, the territorial demarcation of Mexico City where Bosé lives, went to the scene of the events, but were not allowed access.

“This morning, a conversation was held with the administrator of the residential complex, who mentioned that the affected person was not at home and that it was not her wish to give any type of interview related to the events,” reported the FGJ-CDMX.

In the same way, the Prosecutor’s Office has notified the discovery of a van that matches the characteristics of the vehicle that, on social networks, has been reported as stolen.

Given these facts, experts at the General Coordination of Forensic Investigation and Expert Services analyze the images from video surveillance cameras located in the area where the van was found.