Infanta Sofía, the soccer fan of the house, flies from the nest: from Sydney to Wales

She is the soccer player of the house. Sofía, who used to play soccer a long time ago, really enjoys watching games. The youngest daughter of Felipe VI and Letizia signed up for the trip to Sydney and celebrated the epic World Cup victory with La Roja. With the Spanish flag wrapped around her body, she jumped with her mother and with the players, she posed with Alexia Putellas, hugged them and congratulated them. She was also able to chat with some soccer players. She is counting on her to travel to Wales, where she begins her term at UWC Atlantic College. It will be next August 29.

At the Sydney stadium, Sofía, wearing the national team shirt with her name and the flag, walked around the field and shook hands with the hundreds of Spanish fans who came to watch the grand final. She took selfies with them. In the rush of the celebration, the infanta chatted with the champions about her great sports fans.

He is in his countdown to travel to the United Kingdom. On August 29, she flies from the nest and heads for Wales. At UWC Atlantic College, she will begin first year of the International Baccalaureate, thus following in the footsteps of her sister. Leonor, who is starting her journey these days at the General Military Academy of Zaragoza, has shared with her her experiences in Wales, her day-to-day life and the routines of the boarding school at Castillo St Donat’s, of the network of Schools of the United World. The princess has been her best mentor for the past two years. An intense study program, sports and volunteer activities await the Infanta, which fill the days from morning to night. Perhaps on the fields of the Atlantic College Sofía she can practice soccer, one of her great passions. The official start date for classes is September 5th.