The RFEF responds to Hermoso and FUTPRO with “proof images” that Rubiales is not lying


The Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) issued a strong statement after midnight to respond to Jenni Hermoso and her FUTPRO union, with “images” as “evidence” to show that its president, Luis Rubiales, is not lying.

The intense Friday that began with an Extraordinary Assembly in the Ciudad del Fútbol where Rubiales ruled out resigning amid strong political and social pressure, ended with a final statement from the RFEF to respond to that of FUTPRO on behalf of Jenni Hermoso.

The forward of the team denied Rubiales’ statements in the morning, when the president stated that Hermoso “raised him off the ground” to grab him by the legs and when he left him on the ground they hugged, at which point, according to Rubiales, , received consent to kiss the player on the mouth.

“I want to clarify that as seen in the images, at no time did I consent to the kiss he gave me and, of course, I sought to raise the president,” said the forward of the Mexican Pachuca in a statement from FUTPRO, Association of Professional Soccer Players.

However, the RFEF responded in turn to “demonstrate” that Rubiales did not lie, recalling that it will take “as many legal actions as appropriate in defense of the honor” of its president, who explained “in a clear and simple way how the events occurred that are cause for conflict and derision”.

“The president’s version of events is verified in the internal files that have been opened, without Jennifer Hermoso having responded to any of the requests made to date,” adds a statement in which they present a “first demonstration” of the veracity of Rubiales’ story through images of the moment of the celebration on the podium.

The Federation attached four photos in which Rubiales can be seen with her arms loose behind the player’s back, “no force could be exerted,” says the note, with another in which the heels are raised. In the third and fourth photos, the RFEF wants to show that Hermoso “has lifted Rubiales off the ground”, who “must keep holding on to the players so as not to fall.” “The evidence is conclusive. The president has not lied,” he adds.

The RFEF points out that “each of the lies that are disseminated will be demonstrated, either by someone on behalf of the player or, if applicable, by the player herself”, announcing legal actions against FUTPRO and regretting not being able to celebrate success in the world Cup.

Finally, the Federation respects the decision of the world champions not to return to the national team, “as long as the current leader continues” as they announced, but recalled that “participation in the national team is an obligation of all federated people if they are called for it”.