Belén Esteban responds to everything: from the case of Daniel Sancho to the controversy of Luis Rubiales

In case of daniel sancho has gone around the world. On August 5, one of the most mediatic crimes of recent times came to light: Daniel Sancho, the son of the actor Rodolfo Sanchoconfessed to having murdered and dismembered the surgeon Edwin Arrieta, on the island of Koh Phangan, in southern Thailand. 20 days after the alarms went off, the case continues to monopolize any focus. However, the former collaborator of Telecinco bethlehem esteban He still does not have a formed opinion of the most controversial crime of recent times.

He used to give his opinion on any topic. No holds barred or half measures. There was no camera that kept silent to which she was a collaborator of Save me for more than a decade. Now, that her headline program ended more than a month ago, the people’s princess remains exempt from any controversy.

“I’ve been away, I haven’t seen much either. I can’t and don’t want to give an opinion because I don’t have much idea,” Belén Esteban replies when asked about the famous case of Daniel Sancho. As if the tables had turned, the mother of Andrea Janeiro it is limited to supporting the next of kin of the victim, as well as those of Daniel Sancho. “I’m not very involved in the subject”, she sentences her to the microphones of Europa Press.

Although we have seen her with more caution, Belén does not forget where she comes from. For this reason, the former collaborator of Telecinco takes advantage of any intervention to show off her next project. “I just have to tell people to watch Netflix in October. Pure fantasy,” says the former de Jesulin de Ubrique.

About Rubiales

Belén knows that her opinion on a controversial issue is worthy of a magazine cover. Therefore, he chooses to silence his position on the case of Daniel Sancho. However, when they ask about the kiss of rubiales a Jenni Beautifulthe star of the realities his posture in the chamber is not saved. “It didn’t feel right to me,” she says. “Thank you Olga. To you and your team for making us world champions”, she concluded.