The RFEF opens a file against Real Madrid for the RM TV video about the referees of the match against Sevilla


The Disciplinary Committee of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) has decided to open a file against Real Madrid following the complaint filed by Sevilla following a video from the Madrid club’s television about the referees of their LaLiga EA duel. Sports from last Sunday, February 25.

The Sevilla team reported this Thursday that it has received notification from this body of the opening of this file after the complaint it issued regarding the video broadcast by ‘Real Madrid TV’ about the referees Isidro Díaz de Mera and Pablo González Fuertes, main referee and VAR respectively of the aforementioned league clash that ended with a 1-0 victory for the leader.

The Nervionense club recalled that it decided to act “on understanding that these practices, which have been repeated in recent times – including the first round match between both teams – do serious damage to Spanish football and call into question the integrity of the competition itself and the honorability of the refereeing establishment”.

“But, above all, they aim to influence the specific referees who act in the matches, since the videos try to create the image of a lack of professionalism and anti-Madridism, just before each match, with enormous dissemination on television” , he added.

Sevilla considers that “this has a special impact on the matches played at the Santiago Bermabéu, since the tens of thousands of Madrid fans arrive informed of the existence of an anti-Madrid bias in the referees who are going to intervene, which that increases tension and creates unfair pressure on them.