Prince Harry’s underwear sold for more than 200,000 euros in a strip club in San Diego

The Sun explains on its cover this Thursday that some black boxers that the man supposedly wore in his day Prince Harry They have been auctioned for more than 250,000 pounds, which comes to 292,199.71. They have been acquired by the owner of a strip club in San Diego named Dino Palmiotto and were sold by a 52-year-old woman named Carrie Royale, a former dominatrix (a woman who plays the dominant role in a BDSM relationship).

“It is believed that the black boxers were worn by him at a wild party in Las Vegas where he stripped naked”details the tabloid. “What I can reveal will surprise the public”Carrie points out. The alleged party took place in 2012. This woman claims that the son of King Charles III took them from her while he danced with strippers and played the electric guitar with a pool cue. Carrie, prior to the auction, also loaned the briefs to the Erotic Heritage Museum in Las Vegas.

Dino Palmiotto, the club’s owner, is also enthusiastic about his acquisition: “I estimate there are about a million Britons, or people of British descent, here in California and they would love to see them.”. And he sends an invitation to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, settled in Montecito, California: “Harry is also always welcome at the club, as is Meghan.”. The club, called Exposé, is about 200 miles from the Sussexes’ home.

Meanwhile, Harry and Meghan continue doing their thing with their family, made up of little Archie and Lilibet Diana and Doria, the mother of the former actress. Suits, who is a support for both his daughter and his son-in-law. When the British Royal Family announced Charles III’s cancer, Harry traveled to London to visit his father: “Any illness unites families,” he has said. Afterwards, he has continued with total normality with his commitments on the other side of the pond. At this time, it has also been learned that he has lost his lawsuit against the Interior for withdrawing his bodyguards after Megxit.