The RFEA Assembly approves the 2022 budgets and increases direct aid for 2023


The Ordinary General Assembly of the Royal Spanish Athletics Federation (RFEA), meeting this Sunday in the Goyeneche auditorium of the Spanish Olympic Committee (COE) in Madrid, approved this Sunday its 2022 budget, which closed with a surplus, and the increase in direct aid in those of 2023.

The president of the RFEA, Raúl Chapado, remembered Ángel and Carlos Basas and the rest of the members of the athletic family who died in the last year, before presenting their 2022 annual report.

In the financial section, El Chapado explained a budget increase of 3.9 million euros (33%) compared to 2021, to close the year with a budget of 15.9 million euros, in addition to highlighting the budget increase which means the arrival of the Team España Elite program of the Higher Sports Council (CSD).

After that, the Assembly approved the 2022 budgets, which closed with total income of 15,867,857.23 euros and a surplus of 77,973.28 euros. The item of expenses was provisionally closed at 15,789,883.95 euros, with 3,101,417 euros earmarked for the Athlete Aid Program, an absolute historical record (of which 2.5 million were executed and the rest is included in the 2023 budget).

The RFEA has a net worth of 2.3 million euros, with own funds of 2.1 million euros and positive working capital of 35,000 euros. In addition to 138 Spanish records, 112 international medals and 277 finalist positions, the 2022 academic year closed with an all-time record for athlete licenses, with 109,688 (14.2% more than in 2021). A historical record of events held in the RFEA calendar was also broken, 336, with four international championships held in Spain.

All this, under a strategy to promote and disseminate athletics, which produced more than 80 streams in 2022, with 123 sessions. Teledeporte audiences totaled more than 40 million viewers throughout the year; and the social networks and channels of the RFEA experienced a growth of 20.2%.

On the other hand, Chapado informed the Assembly of the appointment of Juan Carlos Álvarez as the new Director of the National Center for Athletic Education (CENFA), replacing Carlos Cordente.

In addition, he presented the 2023 Budget Project, which presents expected income and expenses of 15.4 million euros. The cause of this decrease is due to the impact that the organization of the Ibero-American Championship in Alicante had on the 2022 budget, while in the rest of the concepts there are no significant variations.

The 2023 Budget presents a significant increase in direct aid to the different estates: an increase of 25.9% has been proposed in the Athlete Aid Program (with 3.9 million it will mean a new historical record; 3.3 million in 2023 and 0.6 not executed in 2022), more than 20% in the aid that the clubs and regional federations will receive, and more than 12% for the National Committee of Judges (CNJ). 52% of the 2023 Budget will be allocated to High Competition.

One year after informing the Assembly of the creation of the Spanish Athletics Integrity Unit (UIAE), the proposal of the members that will compose it was approved. In addition, the president explained to the Assembly the legal framework of other matters of interest, such as the casuistry of sports insurance in the new Sports Law.

Lastly, the Assembly approved several venues for the 2023 national calendar: the Spanish Championship of Autonomous Federations of Combined Tests in Alhama de Murcia (Region of Murcia) on May 20 and 21; the Spanish Championship of Autonomous Sub-18 Federations in Logroño (La Rioja) on June 24; the Spanish Championship of Clubs Master Second Division in Almería on July 8; and the Spanish Promotion Winter March Championship in Getafe (Madrid) on December 10.