The reverse gear with Gavi

For some time, in the Barça offices there was serious talk of the possibility of selling Gavi, for whom there have been proposals, through intermediaries of 40 million euros. The desperate economic situation of the Barça team caused a possibility to be put on the table that was absolutely unpopular even though the renewal of the Los Palacios footballer is not proving easy. Bayern, Chelsea and Everton have been keenly interested in the Los Palacios footballer. However, a few weeks ago Barça decided to take the swerve and put (internally) the transferable sign on Frenkie de Jongwhich will come out if the club gets someone an offer between 60 and 70 million euros. His replacement would be Carlos Soler, with whom there is already an agreement.

Photo by Gavi

“I hope there will be good news with Gavi soon,” Joan Laporta said during Araújo’s renewal ceremony a week ago. The president, protected during these weeks from the public light to avoid compromising questions, confirmed with that phrase the change in Barça’s plans, that now he will have to finish agreeing with the player’s agent, Iván de la Peña, to close the contract extension of a player who still lives in the Ciutat Esportiva and who has shown his desire to stay in the club in which It has grown after arriving from Betis. Gavi is not an ‘exact’ product of La Masia. He doesn’t live just from the game. He is intense, tough if necessary and, in addition to the positional and touch game, he has a ‘bravo’ touch that allows him to be useful for different game modes. Also the most physical ones. Hence the interest of the Premier. However, those who know him best consider that, at 17, he is still finishing his training period (he still lives in La Masia and Iván de la Peña, his agent, is still driving him) and it is reasonable that this process of cooking ends at Barça. At the moment, his departure does not seem to be in danger after the change of plans of the Barça club.

Gavi, meanwhile, is on other things. The club featured him this week in a photo shoot in next season’s kits alongside other members of the men’s and women’s first team. A nod to his continuity that he wanted to participate in. For him, moreover, it is not a special week. He will play a professional game for the first time at the Benito Villamarín, which could have been his stadium until Barça knocked on his door.