the referee does not call this brutal penalty against AEM Lleida

Arbitration controversies are the order of the day, but on this occasion this uncalled penalty has filled social networks with indignation and rage.

It happened in the match that was played last Sunday corresponding to the 28th day of Reto Iberdrola, the second category of Spanish women’s football. The duel faced Zaragoza and AEM Lleida at the Nuevo Enrique Porta stadium in the capital of Aragon.

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In minute four of the match, the AEM player Natalia Fernandez R.He received a foul that was a resounding penalty by the Zaragoza player Lauren Curtin. However, the referee did not see it that way, so Curtin He did not receive a red or yellow card, not even a warning from the referee.

As a result of the video that a fan has spread through social networks, the followers of this team have complained forcefully about the referee’s serious error and have not hesitated to fill the networks with critical messages in the face of such a scandal. “To freak out, a shame”, “There, there, he almost amputated his leg”, “what a butchery penalty” are some of the comments regarding this action not called.