Feliciano López falls in the preview of Roland Garros and breaks his historic streak of ‘Grand Slams’


The veteran Spanish tennis player Feliciano López saw his spectacular streak of ‘Grand Slam’ tournaments played consecutively broken on Tuesday after falling in the first round of the Roland Garros qualifying phase.

The 40-year-old left-hander, who started as the fourth seed in this table, had not failed in a ‘big’ since 2002, but he could not beat the 24-year-old Italian Gian Marco Moroni, who won in two sets by 61, 7-6(4) despite the fact that the man from Toledo had three set points to the rest with 6-5 to take the duel to a third and final one.

‘Feli’ played his first ‘Grand Slam’ precisely at Roland Garros in 2001, but it was not until the following year and also on Parisian red clay, when he began his great streak that made him play 79 ‘grand’ consecutively since 2002 until the last Australian Open. For now, his win count in this type of tournament will be close to a hundred (98).