The reason why Rupert Murdoch’s granddaughter’s marriage only lasted 12 hours comes to light

Charlotte Murdoch Freud, the granddaughter of media mogul Rupert Murdoch, holds the record for signing a divorce after going through the altar. The young woman married musician Luke Storey in the summer of 2022. After the dream wedding full of celebrities, the daughter of Elisabeth Murdoch and Matthew Freud separated just 12 hours after saying the expected ‘yes, I want’.

We had been married for 12 hours when our whole world fell apart. She relapsed on the way to our honeymoon. It wasn’t a great sign.“Charlotte revealed this Sunday to The Mail.

The granddaughter of Rupert Murdoch and Luke Storey met when the young woman was 18 and the singer was 33 in a detox center. Likewise, Murdoch has claimed that his relationship with Luke depended on how they both dealt with his recovery from drugs.

If our recovery was strong, then we were strong. If it wasn’t, we were falling apart. We had a great relationship when we were sober, but neither of us could stay sober“, he declared.

Regarding the wedding, Charlotte said: “The wedding was public and everyone thought our relationship was incredible.” Rupert’s granddaughter and the singer signed their divorce 14 months after their ‘big day’.

Months after that fateful episode, the young woman lives in Los Angeles with her new boyfriend. Additionally, she is immersed in her new projects: a dating app for sober people.