The real reasons for Shakira’s trip to Barcelona: see her lawyer, sell the house and take pictures with Lewis Hamilton

Shakira it is unpredictable. When Gerard Piqué He had everything planned to pick up his children Milan and Sasha in Miami and return with them to Barcelona on vacation, the children’s school extended the school year. The classes did not end on May 25 as planned, so the former player had to delay his trip and set Friday, June 2, to meet the little ones and spend the two weeks that he should be with the children.

But Shakira she had other plans and she let him know that she would be the one who would personally take them to Barcelona. The singer made a stopover in Madrid before landing at El Prat airport with her children, her brother Tonino hers and 16 suitcases. The stay seems to have been going on for a long time and in her calendar there was also going to and posing for the Montmeló circuit, coinciding again with Lewis Hamilton, feed rumors, have dinner with the pilot and some friends and end the night in a disco. In other words, “being in the spotlight and being noticed”, they comment in Piqué’s environment, where they are convinced that the Colombian still cannot stand the happiness of her ex, always so in love with the young woman Clara Chia and always avoiding complications with the mother of his children.

Shakira’s official excuse for flying to Barcelona was “work reasons” and it is true that she had an appointment with Pau Molins, in charge of her defense in the lawsuit that she maintains with the Treasury, He accuses her of tax fraud. The trial will be in November and although the artist does not necessarily have to be present, she wanted to discuss issues of the process with her lawyer.

Besides, the house of Esplugas de Llobregat in which the family lived until their separation, is for sale for a price of around 14 million euros. There are some offers for a slightly smaller amount, but that may be of interest to their owners, actually a company whose shareholders are 50% of the former player and the Colombian. Another issue that justified his presence in Barcelona. Shakira has already left. Sooner than expected. They say that to Colombia. She is always unpredictable.