Almeida will not dance with his twenty-something girlfriend at Tamara Falcó’s wedding: the true list of guests of the Marquise

Neither politicians nor tennis players will attend the wedding of Tamara Falco e Inigo Onieva next July 8. After it was rumored that they would attend Jose Luis Martinez-Almeidawho could take his new girlfriend as a companion, Teresa Urquijo, Isabel Diaz Ayuso o Rafael Nadalthe Marquise de Griñón herself has denied said information: “They have not found any”.

“No politician goes. No athlete who is not from the family goes, nor does any singer who is not from the family go. Well, yes, the group that plays,” Tamara assured in the anthill this Thursday.

The daughter of Isabella Preyslerwho has left the Marbella clinic where he receives his treatment detox In order to fulfill her professional commitments, she has explained how she managed to agree with her fiancé to reduce the number of people invited.

“After making the list of people I wanted to invite to my wedding, I wondered if I really wanted to meet those people in the middle of the night, at two in the morning, and then I realized that with some I thought: ‘Better another time,'” he said with a laugh.

“It seems like a lot of 200 guests, but you reduce it to the people you want. We have reduced to the maximum,” he added. In fact, the boyfriend himself has had to cut back on his family. “Íñigo has many cousins, all of them charming… but they will get together for drinks”, he clarified. how we advancewe will not see Carmen Martinez Bordiu in the El Rincón palace.

Those who will be witnesses of his ‘yes, I want’ are his fellow program members: Paul Motorcycles, Nuria Roca, Juan del Val y Cristina Pardo. Furthermore, the models of Jon Kortaja y Eugenia Silvathe stylist John Avellaneda or the designer Carolina Herrera.