The Real of the 21st century

Barrenetxea (Donostia, 2001) and Robert
Lopez (Zaragoza, 2000) constitute the first big news for Real in the atypical season that began on Sunday in Valladolid. In a context of maximum uncertainty, regarding how the championship will evolve, and with a medical part typical of a pitched battle, the two young homegrown players became the highlight of a match in which the Real fulfilled the record rescuing a point in complicated circumstances. The Aragonese midfielder appeared in more photos, not in vain did his left foot split the ball with which the Txuri Urdin got the tie, but no one disputes that the Gipuzkoan winger was the best player of the match in the Blue and White ranks. He was the only player who conveyed the feeling that something could happen every time he came into contact with the ball.

The fact that Barrenetxea and Lopez
Warden being the only two footballers in the squad born beyond 2000 is more than symbolic. They are, without a doubt, the spearhead of the Royal of the 21st century. The first homegrown players between the two centuries to appear at the first team. They will not be the last. The San Sebastian and the Maño point the way, in some way, to the Pacheco, Gonzalez
Zarate, Olasagasti or Ro

Navarrese, some of the foals that have worked in summer under the orders of Imanol
Sheriff and who aspire to be the next to arrive. All of them children of a 21st century that, little by little, will monopolize the teams of the base of the txuri urdin club.

The influence of Barrenetxea and Robert
Lopez in Valladolid it cannot be taken as anecdotal. No, at least, if you really believe in the second unit of a very young squad, made up mostly of players from the quarry. Barrenetxea and Lopez They would be the greatest exponents, for young people, of that group of footballers who, in a season so full of matches, has to be a real alternative to the first swords. Footballers like Merquelanz, Guridi, Baptist, Zubimendi,Guevara or Aihen they have to be in a position to fight for the position Silva, Monreal, Oyarzabal, Zaldua, Merino or For your that start with the band of headlines but that they will not be able to bear the load of matches that the Real will have to face from October. The level that these players are capable of giving will depend, to a large extent, on the success of the campaign. AND Barrenetxea and Robert
LopezTo begin with, they showed their faces in Zorrilla.

From now on they will have to fight very hard to continue in the 'eleven', because it will not be easy for them. Especially the Aragonese, with a very tough competition in the core, in general, and that of Silva, in his position, in particular, not forgetting other players such as Guridi. For the hand, in any case, it will be his first campaign in the first team and, therefore, neither the level of demand nor his expectations will be very high. In case of Barrenetxea is different. After its appearance two years ago by the hand of Asier
Garitano, the San Sebastian, who will turn 19 in December, has already shown that he is up for more in the 33 official matches he has played to date. His biggest problem is that in his position he plays almost always Mikel
Oyarzabal. Imanol should assess, in that scenario, if it is worth looking for another location for the captain so that ‘Barrene’May have the continuity that so far it has not enjoyed.