the Puerta de Alcalá and Cibeles

The very Madrid Puerta de Alcalá dawns with a gigantic Cheers covered in flowers with the colors of the flag. Super intagrameable. The capital is covered in festive flower motifs to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the proclamation of Felipe VI. The big day, this Wednesday, June 19, with the solemn changing of the guard and the delivery of the Civil Merit decorations at the Royal Palace.

Not only the Puerta de Alcalá. Also the Casa de Correos, the headquarters of the Madrid City Council, the Madrid Metro, the emblematic Gran Vía temple of the suburban, 358 digital supports of lobbies, platforms, stairs, 508 canopies and the screens of the five transport interchanges that it has community. All monothematic to host Don Felipe’s big day.

Since Monday, the façade of the Royal Post Office has displayed the Spanish flag on the main balcony, there are two commemorative canvases and the bakers of the historic Puerta del Sol building of the Community of Madrid display portraits of the monarch and the national flag.

More acts. The Madrid City Council, through the mayor José Luis Martínez-Almeida, hosts an institutional event in the Plaza de la Villa where the side will be read to “witness the gratitude and admiration that the city of Madrid feels towards the King and convey encouragement to him.” to continue this very fruitful reign for Spain for many more years”.

The main stage of the commemoration is located in the Royal Palace of Madrid. The presence of the Government and the highest authorities of the State is planned. We will see a mini military parade, the solemn relief of the Royal Guard, which the Kings and their daughters will preside over from one of the palace balconies. Afterwards, the sovereign will present 19 Medals of the Order of Civil Merit (one for each Spanish community plus Ceuta and Melilla) to anonymous people for their effort and work in the service of society. It will take place in the Column Room.

The palace program continues: the Kings will offer a lunch to the authorities. It will be served in the Gala Dining Room. In the afternoon, the Royal Guard band will offer a concert with the special participation of Ara Malikian. The virtuoso violinist will perform from one of the balconies. At night, a videomapping on the façade of the palace, in front of the Lonja.

The monarch and his wife will inaugurate the exhibition ‘Philip VI 2014-2024. A decade of the history of the Crown of Spain. A collection of 23 snapshots of the most representative moments of the reign. These are photos of the House of HM the King and transfers from the EFE Agency and ABC y The country. One of the main portraits of the Kings is the one signed by the photographer Estela de Castro.